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It’s time to explore your Amazon settings right now. Since when have you browsed through these? Be sincere. If your response is different from last week, you still have work to do.Since several of these processes are on Amazon, sign in with your Amazon account right away by tapping or clicking here.We provide much more information to large tech corporations than is appropriate or desirable. It’s up to us what we do online, what we enjoy, where we go, and what we buy. Data sharing is unavoidable, but there are actions you can take to reduce it.

1. Disable Amazon’s monitoring of your web surfing

Amazon automatically logs your online surfing activity. The business stores the results of your searches, including recently seen goods and product categories.Amazon uses all of this data to produce targeted advertisements. This explains why you see items that strangely resemble those you searched up. You could find this practise unpleasant even if your browsing history is private.

To prevent Amazon from monitoring your internet activities, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Browsing History from the top menu below the Amazon search box.
  3. Click the Manage history drop-down arrow on the following page.
  4. Turn browsing history off by clicking the toggle.

Additionally, you may disable customised advertisements with only a few clicks:

  1. page for Your Account.
  2. Click Advertising choices under “Communication and content.”
  3. Choose Don’t show me Amazon-provided interest-based advertisements on this page.
  4. Tap “Submit.”

2. Check your lists twice.

The Shopping List and the Wish List are the two primary “lists” on Amazon. You may use your wish list to save products for later purchase or to come up with present ideas.

The problem is that anyone in the world can look up your name and uncover your Wish List. If your name is particularly popular, it could be difficult to identify you. However, if outsiders learn where you reside, they could infer your profile and recognise it.

To view your Amazon Lists’ privacy settings:

  1. Select Wish List by selecting Accounts & Lists from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the upper right corner, select Manage List by clicking the three dots next to “Send list to others.”
  • You may modify the list’s details here, including the list’s name, the recipient’s name, email, birthday, and privacy.
  • Click on and choose Private from the drop-down box to alter the list’s privacy settings from Public. The option to allow Alexa to add things to your list is also available here.

3. Make your public profile private

We don’t frequently consider our Amazon profile to be our account. But that’s exactly how it is. Whenever I inform someone that this is also public, they are usually astonished.

Whether you want it or not, your profile is automatically established and includes comments, reviews, public Wish Lists, biographical details, and other site activity. Although it excludes information about your purchases and browsing history, it is still quite useful.

The procedures below should be followed if you wish to manage what activity appears on your public profile:

  1. Open your Amazon account and log in. For accounts and lists, click.
  2. Click Your Amazon profile under “Ordering and purchasing preferences.”
  3. Select the Edit your public profile checkbox in the orange box.
  4. You can edit your profile and your privacy settings here.

It might be challenging to determine what other people can see. You may see at a glance whether you’re publishing anything you don’t want out in the open by clicking “View your profile as a guest” if you want a fast peek at what information you’re sharing publicly.

Go return to the profile settings page and choose the Edit profile tab if your profile contains information you don’t wish to be public, such as your true name. It’s directly next to the tab for editing privacy settings.

Any information, including your bio, employment, and location, may be edited or deleted. You may write reviews anonymously and modify your profile’s “public name.”

4. Playback and deletion of Alexa recordings

A lot of what you say is recorded by an Alexa-enabled device, which you presumably already know if you own one. Alexa stores these recordings on Amazon’s servers rather than the actual device.

With the Alexa app for iOS and Android, you can listen to all of your requests and see your voice log.

Do you want to set a timer for them to erase themselves automatically? Navigate to Settings > Alexa Privacy > Manage your Alexa data in the Alexa app. Choose Automatically destroy records under “Manage your voice recordings” and decide whether it happens every three months or every eighteen months.

  1. Alexa may also be asked to erase recordings on your behalf. Visit Settings > Alexa Privacy > Review Voice History in the Alexa app to turn it on.
  2. You may now tell Alexa to erase anything you’ve spoken today or your most recent statement.
  3. Duly stated, Amazon cautions that “deleting voice recordings may damage your Alexa experience.”
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5. Set a pin or disable voice purchases

Voice ordering certainly seems convenient, and it might be if you like to order the same things on a regular basis.However, it’s definitely something you only encounter by chance for the majority of individuals. By doing the following actions, voice buying can be disabled:

  1. Launch the Alexa app.
  2. Select Settings > Account Settings by tapping the three bars in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. To turn off “Purchase by voice,” tap Voice Purchasing and slide the toggle.
  4. You should set up a PIN number to prevent illegal payments if you still want the convenience (and sci-fi atmosphere) of Alexa voice buying.
  5. Setting it up

On your Alexa app, navigate to the same Voice Purchasing settings page. Turn on Voice Code after enabling Voice Purchase. You’ll be prompted to enter your 4-digit PIN number at this point.

To make a purchase on your Alexa-enabled device, you must speak the four-digit code once you’ve set up a Voice Code. Everyone may listen in and use your code, of course. Although it offers a little layer of protection, a voice-purchasing PIN is far from failsafe.

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