how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone

how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone

It takes some skill to delete multiple contacts at once on an iPhone. Since there is no multi-delete option in Contacts on the iPhone, deleting contacts will take a while. In actuality, using a Mac or PC to swiftly remove several contacts from your iPhone is the simplest method. You’ll see how to remove contacts on an iPhone, Mac, and PC in our tutorial.

Where Should You Delete Contacts?

If you have Contacts syncing enabled in your iPhone’s iCloud settings, you can easily mass delete multiple contacts on your computer and the results will appear on your iPhone. This tutorial will show you how to remove multiple contacts from any iPhone. We’ll also go over how to delete a contact from your iPhone individually, as well as what to do if you’re deleting all of your contacts from your iPhone because you’re getting rid of it.

The simplest method for removing contacts from your iPhone depends on whether you want to delete a single contact or many contacts at once, as well as whether you have a Mac or a Windows PC.

How to Delete Contacts on iPhone

Launch the Contacts app. Locate and tap the contact you want to delete. Tap Edit in the card’s upper right corner. Tap Delete Contact at the bottom of the screen.

Nexy Tap Delete Contact once more to confirm, then tap Done.

How to Remove Multiple Contacts from an iPhoneYou can manage and delete your iCloud contacts using any web browser, regardless of the type of PC you use. You can do the same on a Mac by using the Contacts app.

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For Mac users:

Using the Contacts app on your Mac, you can remove multiple contacts from your Phone at once. Make sure you’re logged in with the same Apple ID as your iPhone for this to work.

Click Apple ID in System Preferences.To make your contacts sync between devices, check the Contacts box.Launch the Contacts app. Hold down Command and select each contact to be deleted. This will highlight the contacts who have been clicked. Once you’ve selected everything you want to delete, hold down the Control key and click or right click. This will bring up a menu. Select Delete Cards from the menu.

Click the Delete button in the confirmation window.Any changes will sync to your iPhone and other devices as long as Contacts is checked in your Apple ID preferences.

For Windows PC users:

Navigate to using your preferred web browser. Sign in with your Apple ID and then select Contacts.

Hold down Ctrl and select the Contacts you want to delete.

Select Delete from the menu after clicking the gear icon in the lower left corner.

In the confirmation menu, click the Delete button.

Any changes made via the iCloud website should sync to your iPhone, just like they do on the Mac.

Deleting All Contacts on iPhone

On iPhone, Delete All Contacts
Instead of restoring the device to factory settings, some iPhone users make the mistake of mass deleting all of their contacts and other personal information before passing it on. This is especially common when the user is simply passing the iPhone to another family member, but it also occurs when the device is sold.

You do not need to delete all of your contacts to protect your privacy and avoid the complications that come with sharing an Apple ID with another person, but you will need to sign out of Apple ID and iCloud completely and erase all of your data from the iPhone by restoring the device to factory settings. When data is deleted, it is completely erased.

, all of your contacts will be deleted from that iPhone without being deleted from your Contacts app elsewhere.

If you intend to give the cleared device to a family member and want to share App Store and iTunes purchases, set up Family Sharing, which allows you to share purchases while using separate Apple IDs.

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