How to screen recording on Windows 10

how to screen recording in window10

Screen recording is a handy feature that can benefit many things, particularly when making tutorials. So, Screen recording can go several steps beyond if a picture is worth 1000 words.

In addition, we will also demonstrate how you can transform those screen-based recordings into professional ones by using the online editor of the video.

1. How do I screen record how to screen record on Windows 10?

In Windows 10, you can capture your screen using the built-in game recording tool, Game Bar.However It was developed to record PC or Xbox games. However, it can also be used to record other programs and activities.

To begin, you must turn on Game Mode on your system:

Step 1

Click on the start menu, and then choose settings.

Step 2

 In the window for Settings, click on Gaming.

Step 3

 Switch on Game Mode and enable Game Mode.

Go to the Game Bar settings for a list of the maximum length of time the screen recording could last. Go to the Start menu and then Settings. Choose Gaming. Under Captures is the option to record background. Choose from the recording time range of 30 minutes to 4 hours.

Now, you’re ready to capture your screens. Windows 10 Game Bar can only record screen recordings of one application at a given time. That means you cannot change to recording a different window or use ALT + Tab to go back to the beginning of the recording. You can’t capture the following: your desktop, File Explorer, or Maps.

Record your screens with your Game Bar

Let’s now look at the steps you can take to record your screens with your Game Bar.

Step 1

 Launch the application you wish to record. Close any other windows and be sure that there’s nothing that could sneak into the recording.

Step 2

press Windows + G on your keyboard. This will open Game Bar.

Step 3

 When you are in the ” Capture ” window, you can click on the camera icon to capture a screenshot. To take a screenshot, click the circle with dots (or use the keys Windows + Alt + R). Windows + Alt + R).

Step 4

 When you begin recording, a recording status that includes a timer, microphone controls, and recording controls will show up. The microphone turns between external and internal sounds for recording commentary. Internal sounds are recorded by default

Step 5

 Press the button to stop recording or hit Windows + Alt + R to end recording.

Step 6

 A pop-up appears on the right-hand side, stating, “Game clip recorded.” Click the pop-up window to verify that the screen recording is saved to the folder ‘Captures’ in File Explorer.

2. How do you create videos? How do you record video on Windows 10 or any PC?

After we’ve discussed screen recording in Windows 10, let’s see how you can create videos on Windows 10 or any other PC.

Follow these steps:

Step 1

 Go to the Start menu and open the camera app, which is available in the list of All Apps.

Step 2

When the camera is open, there are two options to choose between the video or photo modes. The app allows users to record up to three hours of video.

Step 3

 They’re stored by default in Camera Roll after filming your footage. Camera Roll folder.

When you’re using your computer to record video without an internal camera, you’ll have a connection of a webcam on your computer. Here’s a quick and easy guide to assist you in screen recording and record videos simultaneously.

A third-party application is needed to get higher quality and greater flexibility in terms of recording time. Visit this page to check out InVideo’s selection of the most effective webcam recording software.

3. Bonus: How to transform those screen-based recordings you made into professional-quality videos in just a few minutes?

You’ve finished your recording and screen capture. Now, if you’re looking to impress and make it more memorable, you’ll need to transform your screen recordings into fully edited videos that contain text and music. This is why online video editors such as InVideo come to your aid. You can create professional-quality videos in just a few minutes, even having never edited your video before.

Here’s how you can make use of InVideo to make a difference:

Step 1

Sign-up for your InVideo account if you don’t have one yet. Select “Blank Canvas,” select an option, and select “Make a Video” to start.

Step 2

 You’ll be directed into the InVideo editor. InVideo editor. Click the “Upload Media” button or drag and drop your media files to the editor’s center.

Step 3

 After you’ve uploaded it, you can drag the video to the center of the workspace. You can then start making adjustments. A pop-up will ask you whether you need to cut your video. Make any adjustments you’d like to the video, or choose a full version. Then, your graphics are set.

Step 4

 When you’re done then, you’re now able to select From InVideo’s collection of music from different genres, moods, SFX, and more by clicking on the music icon on the left side of the screen. Or, if you’d like to add your tracks to this project, select the Upload Music option on the right side of the bar and upload your music from your computer.

Step 5

The 5th step is to drag and alter the timeline to bring the music into your visual and text elements.

Step 6

 When you’ve finished experimenting then, click the Download and Share button, choose the quality of your video, and then click “Export.”.

Step 7

If you’d like to include text in your video, select the text tab in the list of options on the left side. Select one of a variety of fonts and typography.

Step 8

And you’re done! Download the video and upload it directly to your social media sites.

Closing up

Now you’ve learned how to record screens in Windows 10, and you’ve also learned how to create videos on Windows 10 and other PCs, as well as how to transform screen recording into professional ones with the help of InVideo’s online editor. If you’d like to explore the top webcam recording programs of 2022, read this post that covers precisely what we’re talking about.

If you have additional questions or want to keep the conversation going, visit the IV community, where you’ll have the opportunity to connect and learn from thousands of other marketers and creators precisely like you.


1. How can you record your screen using Windows 10 for free?

Screen recordings can be recorded in Windows 10 for free using the built-in program Game Bar. Screen recording can be recorded for at least 4 hours and just one program at one time. You can’t screen record your desktop or files Explorer.

2. Where are screen recordings saved? Where do screen recordings go in Windows 10?

The screen recordings you record are stored in the default Captures folder. Go to Gaming in the settings. Select Captures from the options that are available from the top. Screenshots and screen recordings are stored in this location.

3. How long does windows screen recording last?

With Game Bar, it is possible to capture your screens for upto 4 hours.

4. How can I record audio and video using my computer?

If you’re running a Windows 10 laptop, your laptop comes with the universal camera app, “Camera, ” which allows recording audio and videos on your PC. The built-in camera will record all audio when recording.

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