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Choosing the finest cloud backup solution is not always straightforward – but it is critical. When you mistakenly erase or lose access to your information, cloud backup services may save you a lot of stress and bother, especially if you need access from a range of different devices.

Many of the top cloud backup services also rank among the best cloud storage providers, indicating the growth of the cloud industry. Running frequent backups is crucial in business, just as it is for home users, especially now that home and hybrid working has been adopted by many enterprises. The loss of even a small portion of their most vital data, even for a short period of time, might be disastrous.

It is not only possible to suffer reputational harm. Failure to backup can result in very significant financial fines under privacy rules such as the European Union’s GDPR. Of course, you may try to safeguard yourself by moving files to hard drives, robust SSDs, USB flash drives, or external hard drives, but this takes time and effort. It also exposes you to fire, theft, and device failure.

Businesses can also use backup software in conjunction with a file sync solution, particularly if connected to a cloud storage provider, but this may not be as effective for bigger organisations. The top two cloud backup services are shown here, with the full list further down the page.

How did we choose the best online backup services?

When we analysed cloud backup services, we looked at their features as well as their service quality. Because there are so many factors involved in number-based tests like upload or download speeds, we simply notice any outliers as they are done (super fast speeds or very slow performances). More essential to us are the overall experience of the service (whether using a web browser, a dedicated client, or a mobile app), security (file encryption, ransomware protection), and value for money.

The best cloud backup service just got better

1. IDrive

IDrive(opens in new tab) is a flexible cloud backup service that tries to meet almost every potential demand, especially because you get 10TB of storage capacity.

You’re protected on PCs running Windows 2000 and later. There is support for Windows and Mac, Linux backup scripts, iOS and Android mobile clients, and backups for Windows Server, Microsoft SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and Oracle.

The default storage of 250GB may not be adequate for everyone (especially corporate users), but hybrid backup capability – the ability to preserve certain data locally – allows you to be more selective about which items go to the cloud and which stay close at hand.

Once your data is online, you can view it using a web interface, sync it with PCs or mobile devices, and even share files via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

IDrive Express is a function that allows you to backup or restore your system rapidly using a physically supplied disc. Surprisingly, the Business plan includes three free backups every year.

Despite all of this flexibility, the option to create sub-accounts for your storage space and a simple web-based administrative dashboard help you stay on top of things.

Overall, it’s a pleasant bundle, and if money is an issue, try IDrive Personal. There is no server backup or sub-accounts, but you can get the basic functionality and 5GB of storage for free.

2. Backblaze Business

Backblaze(opens in new tab) has been providing simple, low-cost backup services to consumers for years, so it’s no surprise that its corporate offerings follow suit.
There are no restrictions on capacity, bandwidth, or file size, for example. There’s no need to sift through numerous service tiers to figure out what’s best for you: Backblaze Business is a single subscription that provides unlimited backup space for one machine at a fixed annual cost.
The backup method is similarly simple, with the application initially backing up all of your data – which may even be on external discs connected to the PC or on USB keys – and then backing up individual files as they change. Your information is secure.

Versioning is a bonus feature that preserves file changes for four weeks. On the security aspect, encryption is in place, as expected, and an anti-theft mechanism logs your computer’s IP address when it connects. Backup data may be transmitted anywhere in the globe on a flash drive or USB hard disc for quick recoveries. Return the drive within 30 days and Backblaze will reimburse the whole purchase price.

The service now comes with several useful central management features. Admins may break users into groups for custom invoicing, check data about their backup status and preferences, and get trouble alerts.

Backblaze’s B2 cloud backup, an Amazon S3-like service that backs up servers and NAS, is even integrated in (B2 integration also allows for secure file sharing, should that feature be useful to you).

Backblaze provides decent mid-range backup performance, and while some corporate customers may like more, it will do for the majority of applications. Overall, the features supplied for the membership cost, notably the absence of limits and limitless storage, make this service a terrific value proposition.

3. NordLocker

When it comes to rock-solid security, NordLocker(opens in new tab) covers all the basics. It takes encryption very seriously, employing the security community’s favourite Argon2, AES256, and ECC encryption methods (plus XChaCha20, EdDSA, and Poly1305). Everything is zero-knowledge – only you, with your master password, can decrypt your data (or recovery code).
You can use NordLocker for free if you can live with 5GB of cloud storage space – or if you don’t require online storage at all. There is no limit to the amount of local encryption you may perform, so you can put as much as you like inside the NordLocker folder without fear (provided you don’t run it).

As is customary with these services, you can pay in advance for a year or month by month for a substantially higher amount. If you don’t want to commit for a full year, the monthly charge is $7.99, while the yearly fee is $47.88 ($3.99 per month). This provides 500GB of safe cloud storage, which is rather significant.

NordLocker works quite effectively and rapidly for encrypting data on a local drive, and the software is well-designed, but it doesn’t do much else – this simplicity may be a plus or a disadvantage for you, depending on your needs.

4. pCloud

pCloud(opens in new tab) provides a regular backup and sync service in which the files and folders you choose from your device are automatically backed up to the cloud and synchronised in real time. Any modifications you make to files and folders on your device will be reflected in your cloud account.

When you delete a file from your device, it is automatically moved to the cloud trash folder, which is automatically purged after 30 days for paying plans (or 15 days with free plans). If you purchase the Extended File History add-on, you may preserve file versions up to a year old.

pCloud, like other cloud services, is a cross-platform solution featuring desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) and mobile (Android, iOS) apps, as well as a web app. There’s a lot to appreciate here, but keep in mind that individuals looking for online collaboration tools won’t find them (pCloud isn’t alone in this regard, of however, and many people won’t want these capabilities anyway).

The price tiers distinguish pCloud from competitors. You may pay annually, like with other cloud backup services, but lifetime membership plans are available, which might provide excellent value.

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cloud backup services pricing
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cloud backup services pricing

Choosing the finest cloud backup solution is not always straightforward – but it is critical. When you mistakenly erase or lose access to your information, cloud backup services may save you a lot of stress and bother, especially if you need access from a range of different devices. Many of the top cloud backup services […]

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