How to Import Bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox

How to Import Bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox

Both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are top-notch web browsers, yet they function considerably differently. Chrome is built on Chromium, whereas Firefox uses the Quantum browser engine.

They each have a unique set of functionality since they run on various browser engines. Although Google Chrome is the most popular web browser, many people still like Firefox due to its dependability and lightweight design.
The first thing you should do if you decide to move from Chrome to Firefox is import your Chrome bookmarks. The most recent version of Firefox gives you two options for importing bookmarks and other information from Google Chrome.

2 Best Ways to Import Bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox

So, if you’re planning to convert from Google Chrome to Firefox, you might find this advice to be extremely helpful. The two most effective methods for importing bookmarks and other data from Chrome to Firefox are presented here. Let’s get going.

1) Migrate Chrome Bookmark to Firefox

To import bookmarks and other browsing information from the Chrome browser, use this approach in conjunction with Firefox’s Bookmark Import Wizard. What you must do is as follows.

  1. Start by typing Firefox into the Windows 11 search box. Then click from the list of results that matched.

2. Next, hover your cursor over Bookmarks in the hamburger menu.

3. Select the Manage bookmarks option from the Bookmarks menu

4. On the Bookmark library page, pick Import Data from Another Browser from the Import and Backup menu.

5. Select Chrome and click the Next button in the Import Settings and Data Window.

6. Next, pick Bookmarks from the Import Window and click the Next button.

7. Firefox will now automatically import the Bookmarks from your Chrome browser.

That’s all! This is a step-by-step guide for importing bookmarks from the Chrome browser to Firefox.

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2) Manually Export/Import Bookmarks

This approach will export your Bookmarks from Chrome and import them into MozilaFirefox. Here’s what you should do.

  1. Launch Chrome and click on the three dots. Then, go to Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager.
  2. In the Bookmark Manager, in the left pane, pick the Bookmarks bar. Click the three dots on the right and then select Export Bookmarks. This will save your bookmark as HTML.
  3. Once exported, launch Mozila and select the hamburger menu. After that, select Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks.
  4. On the following screen, pick Import Bookmarks from HTML from the Import and Backup option.
  5. Now, choose the Chrome HTML file that you exported before.

That’s all! All Chrome bookmarks will be imported into your Firefox web browser.
So, those are the two most effective methods for importing bookmarks from Google Chrome to the Mozilla browser. Please let us know if you require any more assistance in the comments section below.

Written by Shaheen Sadique

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