Step by step instructions to Reset Chromecast Ultra


What to Know

  • Utilizing the Google Home application: Tap your Chromecast Ultra > gear symbol > three vertical speck symbol > Factory Reset > Factory Reset.
  • Assuming you’ve changed Wi-Fi organizations. Press the reset button on the Chromecast Ultra until the light quits blazing orange and becomes white.
  • To restart/reboot the Chromecast Ultra, open the Google Home application and tap your Chromecast Ultra > three vertical specks symbol > Reboot.

This article clarifies how to reset a Chromecast Ultra, including directions for resetting through. The Google Home application, and how to reset a Chrome cast Ultra with new Wi-Fi.

How Do You Do a Hard Reset on Chromecast Ultra?

In the event that your Chrome cast Ultra isn’t working as expected, or you’re anticipating parting with it. Or selling it, then you can play out a hard reset. At the point when you reset a Chrome cast Ultra. The gadget is got back to its unique production line state. Any customization is loss, and it’s taking out from your Google Home. After you play out a reset, you should set up your Chrome cast as though it were another gadget before it tends to be use once more.


To totally reset your Chrome cast Ultra and eliminate it from your Google Home, you can attempt a reboot. The cycle is comparative, and you can follow the interaction beneath, yet select Reboot in sync 5 rather than Factory Reset.

  • Tap Factory Reset.
  • Tap Factory Reset.
  • Trust that the interaction will get done, and the Chrome cast Ultra will be reset and take out from your record.

How Do I Reset My Chromecast Ultra to a New Wi-Fi?

Regularly, your Chrome cast Ultra should be associate with a similar Wi-Fi you use to set it up before you can reset it. In the event that it isn’t, you will not have the option to associate with it with the Google Home application and issue the reset order.

In the event that you’ve moved your Chrome cast Ultra or supplanted your switch and need to reset it to work with an alternate Wi-Fi organization, then, at that point, you can utilize the actual reset button. After you reset the Chrome cast Ultra, you’ll have the option to set it up with your new Wi-Fi network utilizing the Google Home application.

  • This is the way to reset a Chrome cast Ultra with the reset button in the event that you have another Wi-Fi organization:
  • Ensure the Chrome cast Ultra is connect and turned on.
  • Press the reset button on your Chrome cast Ultra.
  • Hold the reset button down while the marker light flickers orange.
  • At the point when the marker light becomes white, discharge the reset button.
  • Your Chromecast Ultra is presently prepare for arrangement and association with your new Wi-Fi organization.

Where Is the Reset Button on My Chromecast Ultra?

The Chromecast Ultra reset button is find right close to the pointer light, close the permanently set up HDMI link. In the event that you hold the Chromecast Ultra in your left hand and the HDMI link in your right hand, with the glossy side of the gadget pointing away from you, you’ll find the reset button found straightforwardly to the left of the permanently set up HDMI link. It’s set into the base portion of the Chromecast Ultra, the side with the matte completion, straightforwardly underneath the crease where the matte and gleaming bits of the gadget meet.

The button is somewhat challenging to push, yet you will feel a tick when it has been pushed in sufficiently far, and the light ought to promptly start to streak orange. It doesn’t take a ton of strain, yet the button is flush with the Chromecast case, so discouraging utilizing your finger can be intense. In the event that you experience issues pressing the button with your finger, you might find it more straightforward to push down with your fingernail or a little execute like a tweezer or screwdriver.


How would I reset a Chromecast Audio?

To reset a Chromecast Audio, open the Google Home application and tap your Chromecast Audio gadget. Tap Settings (gear symbol) > More (three specks) > Factory Reset > Factory Reset. Know that this will clear the entirety of your information and can’t be scattered.

How would I reset a Chromecast first Generation?

To reset your original Chromecast, open the Google Home application, tap Devices, and select your gadget. Tap Settings > More > Factory Reset > Factory Reset. On the other hand, press the button on the rear of the Chromecast until the LED light beginnings blazing. The TV screen will go dim as the Chromecast resets.

How would I set up a Chromecast?

Plugin the Chromecast and download the Google Home application. Open the application and follow the prompts. On the off chance that you’re not incited, tap Add (in addition to signing) > Set up Device > New gadget, and afterward adhere to the on-screen guidelines.

Step by step instructions to Reset Chromecast Ultra

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