How to Find Fake GPS Location on Andriod

In recent years, GPS spoofing apps have become increasingly popular for accessing geo-blocked content and utilizing location-based applications. The purpose of this article is to assist you with learning how to change GPS without mock location. By the end of this reading, you will know everything about the fake GPS system without a mock location. that’s why we will begin without further delay.

The Mock Location

To understand what a mock location is and what it is used for, let’s start with the basics. The device can be manually redirected to any location of your choice as the name suggests. The majority of today’s smartphones come with an inbuilt location mocking feature. The Android Developer settings hide this feature, which is basically designed for developers to test their newly designed games and apps.

How To Fake a GPS Location On Android Without Mock Location


There are a variety of popular and well-known apps, such as Skout and Pokemon Go, that track the original location of users. In order to change the location of a device, it must be installed a fake GPS application. In this article, we will demonstrate how to fake a GPS system without using a mock location through an Android application.

Creating a fake GPS location

Thousands of people use Lexa’s fake GPS location application titled “Fake GPS Location” because it is very reliable and well-liked. In just two clicks, one can change the location of the application with the help of this application. User-friendly and easy-to-understand, the interface of this application is very user-friendly.

Faking GPS without Mock

For spoofing GPS without mock locations, we need to allow these changing-location applications. The following steps will guide you through enabling this application and changing the location on Android.

  • Install this app on your Android device by downloading it from the Play Store.
  • Navigate to the Settings app. Look for the Build Number in the About Phone section of your phone. Continue tapping the build number seven times without taking a break until you have enabled the required developer option.
  • Activate the developer options present in the settings by going to the newly added section. You can choose Fake GPS Location by finding Select Mock Location and selecting it.
  • Once you’ve opened the application, search for the fake location you wish to play at and begin playing.

Using VPN applications

Is there a way to fake GPS in Pokemon Go without using mock locations? There are a variety of VPN apps available now that are capable of faking Android GPS, including Thunder VPN, Turbo VPN, and more. From Google Play, you can easily install them. Although these apps let you choose only a country or city, you are unable to select a precise location.
You can fake locations without developer options using a VPN by performing the following steps:

Step 1. Launch the VPN application

Please install a VPN application on your smartphone first. then you can be launched.

Step 2. Choose a server location

You can choose an area by tapping the Menu icon. Your phone will be automatically connected to the server location by the app. Once this is done, you can play the game app without restriction.


Fake GPS Apps Without Root without Mock Location

App 1. Fake GPS location – Floater

Google Play Store offers the floater application which spoofs GPS locations. The floating feature of this application makes it convenient to use. Floater- Fake GPS location allows you to spoof your location while working on any other application. The service can be accessed without having to switch between applications.

App 2. Hola

Hola makes it easy to fake your location quickly and easily. An application like this can be useful when you want to show a friend or family member you are away for vacation. Aside from that, Hola can easily connect you to other restricted applications, such as dating apps and location-based apps. Using Hola’s fake GPS location, your device is tricked into traveling to a new location.


Navigation on Android requires the GPS feature to be enabled. The problem is, in many cases, a nuisance. For example, you may not want your real-time location tracked, or you may not want to use apps offered in your area. For these reasons, we want to create a fake GPS location on Android without using a fake location.


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