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Microsoft Snip & Sketch tool has recently caused an unprecedented buzz on social media after inciting an unprecedented trend. Its existence has been known for a few years, but widespread information about its use has only recently been released, leaving many Windows users puzzled over how they missed this. You can capture and annotate screenshots with Windows Snip & Sketch. Screen-shots can be taken using the tool, but more powerful options are needed for serious screen-snappers.

Snip & Sketch

WHAT ARE Snip & Sketch

Snip & Sketch

The Snip & Sketch app can be used to frame an open window, rectangles, free-form areas, or the entire screen to capture a screenshot.

Snipping Tool invites you to use Snip & Sketch by adding a keyboard shortcut, which allows you to grab, annotate, save to clipboard, and share screenshots, just like Snipping Tool does.

Snip & Sketch also supports basic image editing with colored pens, pencils, an eraser, and a highlighter. There is, however, a more basic delay function included. It is unfortunate for some that Snipping Tool will soon be phased out and replaced by Snip and Sketch. Make sure you use it while you still can!


Snip & Sketch

Microsoft’s online store offers both Snips and Sketch for download, even though Snipping Tool comes bundled with Windows. Windows 10 users can download the free app. With Snip and Sketch installed, you can launch it with Window key+Shift+S.

The application takes advantage of the flat design elements of Windows 10. You can capture several different types of information using the toolbar at the top of the screen. Take a screenshot of your entire screen, a specific area of the screen, or if you prefer, a portion of the screen.

Unfortunately, Snip and Sketch can’t scroll windows, an extremely useful feature for capturing web pages and other deep screenshots, the way Snagit and Ashampoo Snap can.


You can modify an image even more after you snip something with the editor, once the editor opens. You can choose from 25 different pen and pencil thicknesses along with 30 different colors when drawing over the shot with the mouse or the touch screen.

Your changes will be symmetrical and tidy thanks to the ruler and protractor tools. Also, cropping and outlining images are available. Snip and Sketch’s beta phase didn’t have a highlighter or an undo button, both of which are now available.

In Snip and Sketch, however, voice annotations and video exporting are not available as they were in the beta version. The older version allowed you to record audio that synchronized with your markup and export a video. A teacher could narrate a class diagram or a coach could sketch a play with that simple tool.

Furthermore, Snip and Sketch don’t have anything close to a video recording function. If you wish to record gaming sessions, you’ll need a tool that isn’t from Microsoft, like the Game DVR in the Xbox PC app.
It’s probably best to opt for a different tool unless your screenshot requirements are extremely basic.

A free version of Screencast-O-Matic allows you to capture images, edit videos, and publish files to the internet. For $50, Snagit has a host of useful features (GIF-making, Wi-Fi syncing, automatic text recognition) that are worth considering.

The Clips are automatically added to the clipboard in Snip and Sketch. So you can paste them easily. In addition, Snip and Sketch allow users to save modified images as GIFs, JPGs, or PNGs.

In addition to opening and editing existing desktop pictures, the app allows users to create new ones. To make more extensive edits, you can use Microsoft’s Fresh Paint. Please share your screenshot via email, OneNote, and Twitter once you have finished it.


The following are some of the best reasons to use a snipping tool.

Annotate images
Users can add notes to ensure that their screenshots clearly communicate the message they need to convey. The functionality included in snipping tools typically includes markup capabilities, such as lines, arrows, text, etc. which facilitates greater productivity and collaboration between colleagues.

Image library
The libraries should enable users to arrange screenshots and sort them according to their preferences.

Editing images
In addition to resizing, cropping, and rotating screenshots, all snipping tools should allow you to enhance image quality. Besides sharpening, brightening, and adjusting the color of an image, these products should also offer these features.

Video record
Snapping tools go a step further, allowing users to make a video from the screen they are snagging. Users of snipping tools have the option to record a screen, resize the frames, and export the output.

Make GIFs
It might surprise you, but GIFs are actually useful for business. Having the ability to loop a video allows consumers to consume information more quickly. A GIF, instead of a single static image, can take a screenshot and turn it into a clearer set of instructions.

Screenshot scrolling
The screenshot may not be able to capture an entire window if the user’s screen is too small, especially if he or she must scroll to capture the entire window. Some snipping tools allow the user to take screenshots of scrolling screens, both horizontally and vertically.


Windows Snip & Sketch is an excellent free program for quick screenshot creation, annotation, and sharing. Though it is free, the utility falls short of paid versions like Ashampoo Snap, Snagit, and Screencast-O-Matic in many ways important to hard-core screen capturers willing to spend a lot of money. Losing voice- and video-recording capabilities are also disappointing. Consider Snagit, an Editors’ Choice award-winning screen capture app that’s up-to-date and offers premium features.


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